Kali-Yama Weapons (corporation)

Kali-Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated (KYamIn)

Kali-Yama_WeaponsMain Plant Locations: Westport (Kalidasa), Lakeland (Kendall)
CEO: Alison Ryce-O’Neil
Kali-Yama Kalidasa: Hunchback, Orion, Trebuchet and Wasp BattleMechs
Kali-Yama/Alphard Trading of Kendall): Orion BattleMechs

One of the Free Worlds’ most significant military manufacturers, tied with Irian as the second largest after Earthwerks-FWL, Kali-Yama has benefited greatly from mass exports to other Inner Sphere powers. Though such exports offer a lower profit margin than domestic sales because of border tariffs, they have nonetheless netted the company considerable sums of cash and credit, much of which Kali-Yama has invested in modernizing and upgrading factories and the development of new technologies.

The past few years have seen CEO Ryce-O’Neil locked in protracted negotiations with Kali-Yama’s business partners, the Alphard Trading Corporation. The Taurian corporation is a minority shareholder in the Kendall plant, and Ryce-O’Neil has worked to either secure sole ownership of the plant or purchase the partner company outright and make it a subsidiary.

The Alphard board seems open to the possibilities, but the CEO’s efforts have been hampered by the Taurian government, especially given the problems currently wracking the Concordat. Security concerns have curtailed Kali-Yama trips to Perdition (where ATC produce vehicles like the J. Edgar and Fulcrum with the technical assistance of Kali-Yama, who in turn serve as Alphard’s agents in the FWL), and Ryce-O’Neil has vented her frustration through a series of political maneuvers on Kalidasa’s unofficial Merchants’ Council.

The main targets of these operations are her business competitors in Quikscell. This rivalry has raged between the two companies for decades, but Baroness Hestor Hepburn-Marik has used her influence with local FWLM forces to keep the peace. Kali- Yama’s own security force—including a battalion of ’Mechs, officially for demonstration purposes—guards the Kalidasa facility against foreign aggression. The Kendall plant is less well protected, fielding only a company of ’Mechs, but the ’Mech company is augmented with a substantial infantry force.


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