Quickscell, Inc (corporation)

Quickscell, Inc (Quik)


Quickscell FWL Logo

Main Plant Locations: Port Royal (Kalidasa), Gordon (Oliver), Richvale (LA), Ares (CC), Layover (FS)
CEO: Josef Kenworth, Sean Veranov (FWL)
Products (Kalidasa): Armored personnel carriers, Hetzer and Scorpion tanks
Products (Oliver): LRM Carrier, SRM Carrier and Scorpion tank


Never renowned as a quality manufacturer, the rush to exploit the export sales market led Quikscell to cut even more corners in order to maximize profits. The company’s infamous “cost over quality” dogma, even when cutting costs means using sub-standard materials—has given Quikscell its well-deserved “cheap and nasty” reputation.

Less well known is the company’s practice of dual-sourcing many key components, reserving higher-quality versions in products slated for domestic use. This keeps the FWLM and the federal government mollified and helps avoid unpleasant investigations, though export buyers pay the price of noticeably poorer maintenance and lesser performance. Despite its quality issues, a solid market exists for Quikscell’s products, particularly among planetary militias and other groups working within harsh budget constraints.

Manager of the company’s Free Worlds operations, Sean Veranov is a consummate diplomat and shrewd businessman, playing a key role in Quikscell’s contract negotiations while ensuring good corporate relations with the FWLM. Once one of the League’s most infamous playboys,



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