Shaan Solberg (mechwarrior)

Note: I have not changed my file much and I leave it here as a general overview of myself. While I don’t think they got a lot of details, this is probably sufficient for anyone starting out reading about me.

I needed a haircut

Name: Shaan Solberg
Mech(s): WVR-6M Wolverine (55 tons)
Place of Birth: Kalidasa, Free Worlds League
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Race: ½ Nordic (Norwegian), ½ Indian (Hindu)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 215 pounds
Eyes: Brown eyes
Hair: Dark Brown with a mechwarrior cut, starting to be peppered around his temples.

Physical Description: Shaan is tall and in fairly good shape. He tends to wear fatigues when not in his cooling vest, with the pockets full of tools to work on his mech or little projects around the base.

He has a short mechwarrior haircut with salt and pepper coloring starting at his temples. He has a short beard, with brown eyes and a wide smile. He always seems to be smiling, as if he just heard a good joke.

He has several tattoos and several scars, including one that cuts across his left ear and down his throat from the fight that reduced his hearing in that ear.

Living or Dead Relatives:

  • Thomas Solberg – Company Commander (Deceased)
  • Priya Bakshi-Solberg – Mother
  • Danni Solberg – Sister, (doctor)
  • Heidi Wilhelm – ex-wife
  • Luna Solberg-Wilhelm – daughter (age 13)

Personality: Shaan tends to keep to himself when first meeting people. However he can be fairly outgoing and loud when with friends, on the battle field or perhaps a little drunk. He cannot stand to see injustice happen and will risk himself both physically and professionally to protect people he sees that are being abused unfairly.


  • Born to Commander Thomas Solberg, decorated war hero he perished in a fight to defend his people’s withdrawal and rally against the Eridani Light Horse.
  • His mother Priya is a medical doctor who grew up in a conservative hindu family. She shrugged off tradition to marry her Nordic husband.
  • Shaan was the first child born, he was in training as a mechwarrior until it was realized he had a knack with technical skills. His parents decided instead to have him go into graduate school even at a young age.
  • His sister was born 3 years after Shaan they appear very close.
  • At the age of 15, his father died in a battle.
  • Due to the circumstances of his father’s death, Shaan received a full ride scholarship to university, from there he moved on with a full scholarship to the DELTA Academy of Science & Engineering.
  • Age of 20, Shaan met his wife at the Academy, Heidi Wilhelm.
  • Age of 22 Shaan married his wife and within a year they had Luna. Shaan then accepted a position at Defiance Industries, his wife accepted a position in her field as well.
  • Until the age of 27 they lived as two professionals moving up their respective fields. Their daughter was excelling in school.
  • Age of 27 Shaan was working on a top-secret project as a higher-level employee. It was during this time we believe he was contacted by House Marik  about his duty to the Free Worlds League and if he would help them retrieve the information.
  • Age 27-28 Shaan conducted extensive espionage and slowly pulled the information out.
  • Age 28 Shaan was arrested for corporate espionage, sentenced to hard time. He never admitted to anyone else’s involvement, including House Marik itself. At this time, he separated from his wife.
  • 28-34 Shaan was in prison for six years serving time.
  • Age of 34 Shaan was released from prison in an exchange with House Marik.
  • Because of his father, Shaan was accepted into a mechwarrior academy and is now a fully trained mechwarrior going on to his “graduate level” training.

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