Ch 2: Civil War

Location: Kalidasa
Date: November 27th, 3010
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  None

The morning after the simulation we spent hanging out in FC Gibson’s estate. It is a beautiful place and we were hungry. He can definitely cook up a great breakfast. Before breakfast I noticed that Hellena Taylor’s profile was on Olivia’s computer. I don’t know where Hellena has been the last decade, but she was sweet and very good at metallurgic studies/design. I hope seeing her on the computer means we get to work with her. It would be nice to see an old friend.

While we were there we met both Blackheart and X-Ray along with the other two pilots from the 2nd Atrean Dragoons. There was a bit of an argument. when Blackheart realized that her commander had put her mech on the line. After a lot of discussion we seemed to have settled in that Gibson would look into a double or nothing fight.

While we were there I got to look a little bit at the Executioner. It is a gorgeous mech and while I don’t know if its worth the trade off to hide the heat, I can say I am jealous of it, at least of the technology it represents.

Just as we were preparing to head home though we got an emergency briefing. It was across Marik space and a scout unit that Blackheart’s father commanded engaged some Periphery Bandits.

The resulting fight revealed a new type of mech that had a hatchet. It appeared to be a 45 ton mech and it was using an ejection system similar to the one I was working on for Defiance. I wonder if they got it to work. In addition we witnessed an AC 5 that could fire incendiary rounds and seems to fire faster than normal.

The result was a rescued head assembly of this new mech type and a captured pilot. I have to say Blackheart’s father did very well.

While I stayed over at FC Gibson’s place I couldn’t help remembering how I met my wife and my time at Delta. I don’t know if I miss her or not, I still haven’t really thought much about her disappearance. I truly hope though that she is happy.

We are still waiting on what we are doing after that briefing. The assumption is we will be sent after that Periphery/Bandit group, but it is a lot of travel so I am withholding personal judgment.


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