Ch 1: Orientation

Location: Kalidasa
Date:          November 12, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  None

When I graduated from the mechwarrior academy, I never imagined receiving a mech assignment, especially with my time served for espionage. I was hoping just to get in and be able to pilot mechs for maintenance.

The drop ship we came in on from the jump ship was much higher class then I would normally be used to. The final day I met a beautiful, intelligent and classy woman named Katarina Romanov (at the time someone else called her ezma). She is evidently a high lady and will be teaching us politics. She is far above my station, but it was nice to be able to escort her to the observation deck to watch our arrival to Kalidasa.

While in the deck I met Mechwarrior Lt. Antares Yves. He seems like a nice kid. He comes from a powerful political family (Taran S. Yves, MP), his father is in the ruling house. Obviously he comes from money and influence. Antares seemed very at ease with the elite class. I got asked who I was and they seemed to find it funny/amusing. Not in a bad way, but in an obvious “he doesn’t belong here” way.

We met the rest of our unit on planet. Right now there are only four of us in the actual mechs fighting.  The other three people are:

  • Lt. Antares Yves, Described above, young, intelligent, socially awkward.
  • Lt. Simone Le Clair, tactics expert, mech gunnery and naturally speaking French.
  • Sgt. Henry Evan Carlson, hand to hand expert, very friendly.

I then met the command staff for the Song of Kali (our unit designation)

  • Force Commander Christopher Gibson, older gentleman, hard but fair and pilots an Executioner. He has been doing the black ops for awhile.
  • Lt. Commander Patricia Barnes, also pilots a mech (not sure what). Tough, but straight shooter.
  • Olivia Falkner, the intelligence analyst, I suspect she can pilot a mech if needed, but that isn’t her primary skill. I met her the night I graduated, definitely someone who is more able then she appears.
  • Sgt. Carl Gustov, a bear of a man who leads his infantry. He is the one that tandem jumped with me during our simulation. Very friendly, appreciate him and his men.

We were assigned jobs officially as recruiters, unofficially we are conducting operations that can’t be officially recognized or funded. We do get some beautiful offices in the building. I even have an administrative assistant named V-J.

Too bad I don’t really use it.

We spent the next several days acclimating when finally we were given our first mission. This was a simulation using real mechs, but the weapons were set for simulation mode. The only real damage was any physical attacks.

The mission was relatively simple. There are ten mechs set on standby in the area. We would be dropped in by parachute drop to secure the mechs. It was our four pilots versus 4 pilots from the 2nd Atrean Dragoons. It was some sort of bet between our commander and theirs, with the mechs on the line.

We landed and secured our mechs. They secured their mechs. I would normally include an after action report but since it was a simulation I don’t think it really shows everything. What I can say is that Henry can rock a Commando and was the single handed reason we won. Which by the way meant we inherited those mechs. Our current unit load out is:

Commander: Force Commander Gibson – Executioner

Command Lance

  • Orion – Lt. Commander Barnes
  • Catapult –
  • Centurion – Lt. Antares Yves
  • Commando –

Fire Lance

  • Cyclops – Henry ?
  • Rifleman (2 x AC 10) – “X-Ray”
  • Griffin – “Blackheart”
  • Wasp –

    Fire Lance

  • Grasshopper –
  • Crusader  –  Simon Le Claire
  • Wolverine – Me?
  • Phoenix Hawk –

This is not the final setup, rather just how it is now. I suspect we will move the heavier, slower mechs together. No point in having a Wolverine and a Hawk when the rest of the lance can’t go that fast.

So far these all seem like good people. I have set up my affairs so if something happens my daughter Luna will be set for life. If that is the result, then it is all right with me.


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