Ch 3: Chasing Fireflies

Location: Kalidasa
Date:          December 1, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  Chance Meeting, Identities

Once the video of the fight on New Delos ended, Force Commander Gibson and Olivia went over some of the details:

  • The attack occurred about six months ago (May 3019).
  • Countermeasures larger than mech sized versions assisted raiders in jamming Atrean Dragoons communications.
  • Some Japanese was intercepted. At first it was considered maybe a Draconis strike but later they determined it unlikely.
  • The technology and prisoner has been delivered to SAFE.
  • The raiders disappeared and are believed to be off planet using merchant drop ships. This means they somehow snuck their mechs out.
  • The captured pilot named his new mech a “Hatchetman”. He is a mercenary who used to work for McCarron’s Armored Cavalry in Capellan Space.  He was hired to test pilot the mech, and he was supposed to silence anyone who saw them.
  • After MAC but before being with the raiders, the pilot worked out of Solaris VII.
  • The 2nd Atrean Dragoons captured an experimental Rifleman who had AC/5 Rapid Firing cannons. Evidently there was some sort of engine issue they couldn’t take it with them.
  • Rifleman is located at the starport. Gibson is trying to get us access to it.

Our mission will be to find the Raiders, take them down and take their technology. To assist us with this we have a dropship, and a priority access to a jumpship. Our first location we will go to is to Solars VII.

It was at this time we were given an invitation each to the Winter Ball, put on by Ekaterina and Junior MP Roland Hawthorne II, who used to be a Mechwarrior Captain with the callsign “Inquisitor”.

Before we went to the Ball, Olivia visited me in my quarters and gave me some information from the Delta days. The files are very in-depth and brought back a lot of memories. The biggest set of files that caught my attention were Hellana. Evidently they have been following her around and found a lot of information (not only about her).

  • Hellana has bounced around the IS after the closing of Delta Academy. It doesn’t look like she found anywhere to settle fully.
  • She has one child, approximately 8 years old. Marital status is unknown (she isn’t with that person now they believe).
  • She goes by Ailana Singh now and works in a stable on Solaris VII as a tech.
  • The Jumpship captain Rene Gaspar Chirac was in contact with her until the civil war.
  • I noted in a level 9 file that evidently with the breakdown of Delta Academy, Anton bragged on having access to scientists and technology.
  • There were files on some of the other students, they all seem to be working together, or at least their projects are being intertwined.
  • I found out that they have pictures of Heidi that are fairly recent, she was going by Madeline Weismond, with dark hair and a change in clothing. No other details were given though.

Olivia had me go up into the brain trust. Several people working around an advanced computing system. We went over the details and she increased my security level tentatively for future access. I will go to her though and not here directly if I have info.

Later that night we arrived at the Ball. Immediately Antares was whisked of by his date Blackheart and then several other ladies. Meanwhile Simone and Henry abandoned me to the delicate Ekaterina, who asked for me to escort her.

I spent most of the dance with Ekaterina, she danced with me some and seemed amused and happy that I let her lead. I then followed her around the rest of the ball, mostly holding her items since she was the hostess as she dealt with the party. She was always kind.

While I was escorting Ekaterina, I was taken over to the table with Countess Hepburn-Marik. She asked if my father was Thomas Solberg and when she found out she was overjoyed to meet me. I have never talked to royalty before and she was both polite,  kind and gracious.

We danced for song, which she handled ably. She asked me a lot of questions about myself and about my father. When she was finished, her beautiful granddaughter came over and danced with me as well.

It turns out that her granddaughter was one of the “civilians” that my father died saving. She is approximately my age, beautiful and very grateful to him. She gave me her number that I can reach her people should I ever need anything.

The night wrapped up with Ekaterina giving me her car for the night so I can go home and see Luna. It is also at this point we realized that Simone has cybernetic eyes that can take photographs. I am very intrigued. Antares seemed horrified, but I suspect he will get rid of some of that stick in his butt eventually. Not everyone can be rich nobles. Even so, Antares is a good man that I hope considers me a friend. I would gladly fight him.

As I left that night, FC Gibson said something to me. He mentioned that Countess Hepburn-Marik is who pushed Gibson to take me in, even with my record. Without her I wouldn’t be able to help support my daughter. I don’t think how much she knows I am loyal to her and to the FWL for that kind of support.


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