PL: Chance meeting

Chapter: CH 3: Chasing Fireflies
Related Logs: Identities

When I was working on the intel that Olivia gave me I got thinking about Heidi. About the day after we first met, and probably it was truly the first time we met.

I woke up on Heidi’s couch, in an apartment I had never known. I could see from where I lay Hellana and a blonde woman talking. I managed to get to my feet, and walk over. There Hellana introduced me to Heidi, a very beautiful and very intelligent young lady.

consider my breath taken away.

I honestly don’t remember much from the night before except I had gotten lucky in a fight against two men who were harassing Hellana earlier. They didn’t like where she was from, and didn’t like when I sent them on their way in the bar. Evidently we got in a fight outside and I luckily stopped them, until I collapsed in front of our rescue Heidi and passed out.

After introductions and a quick shower I got lost and ended up in her room. She has a dark room, takes her own photos, studies astrophysics, learns languages and studies jump coordinates for jumpships. I came back to a wonderful German breakfast, with sausage, eggs, and all the rest of the German traditional breakfast. I think this is where I fell for her.

Hellana had taken leave to go shower and I talked with  Heidi, she takes classes from two schools and works three jobs including up at campus. She asked me all about the engineering courses I took and I told her I would bring some books by.

I definitely never even considered I was talking to my future wife, and mother of my daughter.


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