PL: Identities

Chapter: CH 3: Chasing Fireflies
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Always the eyes

I was very surprised when I got the information from Olivia about Heidi and her new identity. The dark hair and clothing is not what I remember from my ex-wife, although I almost missed the connection except when I looked at the eyes.

Her eyes have always been the most intensive part of her, and she has a lot of intensive parts. The dark was new, the type of makeup, but Olivia is right, I still recognize her.

Fast forward to last night, after the ball was wrapping up, Ekaterina was kind enough to lend me her car for the night. It isn’t often that a person gets to go spend time with his daughter with access to a limousine.

We pulled up to the apartment and saw my daughter across the street at her favorite ice cream shop. She was with another adult, which did cause me some concern since it was late evening and that person wasn’t her aunt or grandmother.

Luna came over and was super excited about the limousine and asked if we could go up and see the HPG Generator from the cliffside. How could I resist the most important thing in my life?

On our way up, we drove past the person, I didn’t fully recognize them, but there was a close similarity to the pictures Olivia showed me. It had to be Heidi, and that left me confused. However, if it was Heidi and she didn’t want me to know it, at least she still was near Luna.

We stayed overlooking the HPG Generator, watching the different colored pulses when I asked Luna who her friend was. She collapsed pretty fast and admitted it was “mom”. That her and mom had seen each other after a couple years of her mother being gone. Evidently her mother told her that she left to save the family.

Luna was terrified I would make her no longer able to see her mother. I can’t imagine making Luna upset like that. I may not know why her mother left, and why her mother doesn’t want me to know she is back, but she has been there for our daughter more than I have. I could never deny my daughter her mother.

I asked Luna if she wanted to ever travel with us, I am fairly sure I could push for it. She wants to stay near her grandmother, aunt and especially mother and I can’t blame her for that.

So I took her home, and we went to bed. My last visit with her before Solaris VII.


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