Ch 4: Let the Games Begin

Location: Solaris VII
Date:          December 27, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  Still coming…

The mission started with us prepping to go to Solaris VII. We were given a large amount of supplies we could trade on Solaris along with a sizable fund of cash.

As we were leaving Angel brought up an idea he had been working on. Reconverting a Javelin light mech into an ammo carrier/loader. It wouldn’t be able to be done during a battle of course, but out in the field it would be fantastic.

I looked over his design and found a few flaws, not that he didn’t have a great idea, rather he just doesn’t have the experience I do. We then approached Lt. Commander Barnes and asked her if we could take one of the drop ship bays on the drop ship and use it to refit the Javelin. She said yes, so its loaded up.

We arrived on planet and began to interview the different stables for our outward “recruiting”. The overall idea is to make contacts and find what we can on the Kabal. During our time we met with Steven and Evelyn, the owners of the “Eagle Eyes” St. Croix stables. During our time there we found that Evelyn was about to duel the Steiner stable the “Sabretooths”.  Her Orion’s engine was leaking badly and didn’t look like it would hold.

“The Eagle Eyes” St. Croix Stable

Lt. Yves and I got in an argument over giving the engine to them. I believe since we have three engines of that size specifically that it would be to our benefit to give the engine to them. This would give us contacts who are already loyal to the FWL, even more reason to help us learn the ropes of the world here. Antares believed we should charge them. After some debate we decided to sell them the engine at zero interest over the course of three years.

Evelyn was ecstatic about it and Steven agreed almost immediately. This means they don’t have to deal with Defiance industries. It was at this point that Antares dropped the ball. He entered into negotiations with Steven and for some reason they now only will pay half price for the engine. Which I am not at all bothered by, actually I am happy to see them paying less. However, the debate we got into and he then does that shows me I don’t know if I can trust his negotiating.

Meanwhile while we were at the stables I came across a man I vaguely recognize from Defiance Industries. He was the one dealing with Steven before we got there. He recognized me as well and is probably why Bandu Raddakhan showed up.

Ah yes, an old nemesis from prison Bandu Raddakhan

As we walked out Bandu showed up. The person who gave me the scar and my hearing loss on the left side of my head. He came forward with three men, he was wanting to fight, his partners had hands in their pockets and I thought we were in trouble. Simone was standing beside me and because this wasn’t something she should get hurt because of me I moved her behind me.

I stepped up to Bandu and the verbal threats started. His men and him began to move forward when from behind me Simone had pulled out two pistols and pointed them at him  from behind me. They rested under my arms and around my waste. that stopped them. More words were exchanged and he wanted to meet to fight. I told him it was ridiculous, but if he wanted to meet in a mech I might be able to do that. More words were said and Bondu left.

Antares didn’t even notice until the end. Then he freaked out and hired high end security to follow us around. The sad thing is I don’t think he realizes that the security won’t protect us if they really wanted to do something. It is ok though, it makes Antares feel better and I am ok with that.

We had determined during this time that Zhang Fei stables was falling apart. There was a duel between Steiner and the Zhang Fei stables. In the competition Hellana’s husband died accidentally resulting in the stables being taken over by creditors.

We then went to the games that night to watch the duels between Evelyn and the Sabretooths, along with the Zhang Fei fight. I was hoping to catch Hellana and surprisingly I was able to. They have her daughter hostage and she needs help. I believe she may help us if we help her get her child back. I am hoping Olivia and FC Gibson will go with my idea on how to approach this. I think there is only one way to do this and gain her trust, that will be what helps us find The Kabal.

Right now Hellene is the only person outside the team I can trust.

Meanwhile the results of the duel with Evelyn was her getting headshot twice, once with a Battlemaster fist removing all the armor and then a medium laser. At this time we don’t know her status, but I do know she was doing better than expected, but no one is able to handle a headshot easily.

Oh, and while Antares was worried about wasting money in the form of an engine to Evelyn and Steven, he had no problems gambling autocannons on the fight.



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