Ch 5: Goblins and Gremlins

Location: Solaris VII
Date:          January 4, 3020
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  Still coming…

The results of the match between the Sabretooths and the Eagle Eyes resulted in a lose for the Eagle Eyes and Evelyn in the hospital. It sounds like she will lose her right arm, and if she recovers it will be months. It is unlikely she will ever be a mechwarrior again.

We were told that more members of the Kabal had arrived on planet. A Dr. Wendell Lombard and his daughter Dr. Mackenzie Lombard. Both incredibly good scientists. In addition a man name Sebastian Gerard is on planet as well. We are still unsure how all of it fits together, but already a lot of people here.

The next few days involved us looking around and attempting to find out what has happened. Our job was still to find information, and to perform recruiting if we can. Antares had a good idea, a tournament to attract people into the testing pods. That way we might see some of the unattached mechwarriors and if they are worth recruiting.

While Antares worked on setting up the pods and doing his administrative magic, VJ and I went to work on programming thee pods themselves. That went really well, but when I came out of the session I saw that Hellana had called six times. I texted and called back and the only response was a male voice saying she couldn’t come to the phone right now. So I took my security and Simone and went down to her stable to find her.

We arrived and found Hellena had been beaten and threatened. I convinced her to take her daughter, her aunt and uncle and come with us. As we were leaving we saw some of the representatives of who owned the stables approach us. It was going to be a fight, but I got a call from Stefan, from prison. He said he would give me an hour to set up things for Hellena as long as I took her to the Goblin Market the next day. Since this might present our only chance to get there, so of course I agreed.

We received the tickets, two VIP and 6 general admission tickets. Antares decided he did not want to attend the VIP area because it was too risky for him. He seemed to forget that Olivia was clear when we got to planet they wanted us to try and get access. I really like Antares, but he avoids any danger to himself at all costs. I think this may be problematic not just outside of the mech, but in the middle of a battle.

The one other thing Antares has kept talking about, is doing some serious “interrogating” of Hellena. I jokingly wave him off, but I don’t think he understands that I was willing to spend my entire life in a Lyran Max facility for something I believe in, I will do what is necessary to protect probably the last person in the world I trust.

With the help of Lavenia-Rose we arrived at the VIP and were escorted around. It was Hellana, myself and Henry. I accidentally met with Dr. Mackenzie Lombard on the flight into the VIP area. She was incredibly nice, not what I expected for a Kabal member. We window shopped for awhile, until we can across an ultra-AC5 that was used by the rifleman. I immediately put a bid on it and I think I may have won.

Lavenia-Rose, VIP escort

Because of that bid, they took us more seriously and walked me into an even more private area and I saw so many Star League era collectibles, including a beautiful Grand Survey set of maps that Heidi would have loved. As I looked at the maps, Mackenzie Lombard arrived and looked at the maps, followed by another lady. They talked for awhile and Mackenzie then placed $5 million c-bills as a bid. The other lady looked so sad. I walked up and looked at the map and mentioned how nice it was, she looked up at me quickly and something was familiar about her.

She asked if it was me, Shaan. I immediately recognized her, it was Heidi. What the hell was Heidi doing there. I was stunned when Henry came running in saying they grabbed Hellena so I needed to go. Heidi said she would contact me.

I was taken to the Goblin King. There I met the Black Knight, who I met earlier in the bidding (and who had killed Hellena’s husband), a second group from the Kabal with Kei (and probably Konrad under armor) and the king himself with his aid. Hellena was brought forward and an argument over buying her items, her contract, etc. I told the King I just wanted to buy her freedom.

The end result was a three way duel, 2 on 2 on 2. Henry will be my second, the Black Knight and his side kick, and Kei with someone else. Everything is on the line, the mechs, Hellena, etc. Each side gets to bring in 105 tons of mechs.

Henry and I have this.



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