Mech: SHW-3S Shadow

My Note: This mech was a design I came up with that would satisfy speed, armor and firepower at the 55 ton range.

SHW-3S Shadow

Production Information

Manufacturer: None at this time
Tech Base: Inner Sphere 3025  (some experimental)
Production Year: 3020
Model: SHW-3S Shadow
Class: Medium Recon
Designer: Shaan Solberg

Technical specifications

Mass: 55 tons
Chassis: Lang T2 (utilizing Endo-steel equivalent experimental infrastructure)
Armor: Maximillian 45
Engine: 275 CoreTek
Communications System: Tansech Omni-7
Targeting Tracking System: Tansech C30-97
Cruising Speed: 54km/h.        (5 hexes)
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h (8 hexes)
Jump Jets: Pitban LFT-50
Jump Capacity: 150 meters.   (5 hexes)
1x Fusigon Particle Projection Cannon (PPC)
2x Martel Model 5 Medium Lasers
6x Magna 200 Small Laser

Weapon Heat: 22
Heat Dissipation: 14

Total Armor Points: 185
Head:          (09)  Center Torso/Rear  (26/10)
Left Arm    (18)         Left Torso/Rear  (20/6)    Left Leg (26)
Right Arm (18)      Right Torso/Rear  (20/6) Right Leg (26)

Internal Structure Points: 91
Head:          (03)    Center Torso (18)
Left Arm    (09)         Left Torso (13)    Left Leg (13)
Right Arm (09)      Right Torso (13) Right Leg (13)

BV: 1,430
Cost: 5,084982 C-Bills

Link to Mech Record Sheet: Shadow (55ton)


This mech was designed to engage in guerrilla warfare. Long periods away from ammunition resupply meant a reliance on the Fusigon Particle Projection Cannon, Martel Model 5 Medium Laser and Magna Small Laser.

The armor was maximized to increase field use, while the internal structure was refit with a new steel composite enabling less material and opening up more weight capability.


None at this time.



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