First Painted Fig – Sins of Kali

The Sins of Kali

Out of Game Post – I haven’t painted a mech in 25 years, so yesterday I painted Shaan’s mech. Not my happiest paint job, part of the problem was I didn’t like the purple. I guess people think it looks fine, but to my color-blindness it looks horrible, so I heavily dry brushed it so it looked good to me.

Because of that I didn’t do a lot of detail, I may go back and change that in the future, but I have several mechs to paint (and they will all be different colors until I find a combination I like).

I took several pics and found what HD really does and how it illustrates what I didn’t like. However, I didn’t want to strip it down so I think it is a decent battle fig. I will start painting the others soon, and yes this will be the fig I use for Shaan until I get another wolverine and try a much different color.

So I introduce to you….. The Sins of Kali, a WVR-6M Wolverine.


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A middle aged gamer, photographer, accountant and social justice warrior.
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