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Quick Update

Just a quick update to say the look of the site may change. I have a lot of MWO imagery, and other fan site stuff so that will hopefully make the site look better. Also, I think future AARs I … Continue reading

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AAR: Slow the Cats

SONG OF KALI AFTER ACTION REPORT Battle Name: Slow the Cats Mission Purpose: Slow down a heavy lance. Date: 2/11/3020 (7/15/2017) Time Elapsed on Contact: 60 seconds Location: Amity II (60.321 | 5.092) Opposing Force: Sabre-Tooths of Skye Duration of Engagement: 60 … Continue reading

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Amity II (planet)

AMITY II (Planet) House: Free Worlds League/House Marik Noble Ruler: First Minister Raymond Richards (Political Leader) Star Type: M2V Position in System: 2 Time to Jump Point: 2.84 days Number of Moons: None Surface gravity: 1.1 Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 34° C (Temperate) Surface Water: 63 … Continue reading

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A choice to be made

I stand at a crossroads right now. To me loyalty to my comrades and the trust it represents is important. However, it isn’t just my loyalty to someone else, I expect the same in return. I would die for anyone … Continue reading

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