A choice to be made

I stand at a crossroads right now. To me loyalty to my comrades and the trust it represents is important. However, it isn’t just my loyalty to someone else, I expect the same in return. I would die for anyone in my unit, and while I don’t expect necessarily that same level of loyalty, what I do expect is to not be demoted, accused of being a traitor and having guards placed on me without any due process, even when command knows the facts.

I awoken from my wounds on board the drop ship. We were in mid-flight at a hard burn. It was fairly confusing to be honest. The son of Corean industries was wounded beside me and under arrest. Daawn Marie Stewart, a famous lady who is by marriage related directly to Janos Marik was on the ship, and I was under arrest.

I am not sure why I am under arrest. There were accusations of desertion, dereliction of duty, refusing to answer a call from my superior, and of possibly being a traitor to the unit. They didn’t even bring up that I had been in a firefight until later, and even then there were no victims present, I was taken to the hospital as a victim, yet the assumption is that it was my fault.

Antares was the worst of it, he screamed about how I couldn’t be trusted, that I could be a traitor and that I had broken a lot of regulations. He ordered me under house arrest, to be under guard while on the ship, and made it clear what he thought. He obviously doesn’t have the same considerations for his people that I do.

What bothered me most is that Force Commander Gibson and Olivia stood aside and let him do that. They knew the facts, they knew I didn’t sneak off the base, I went on leave, talked to someone and as soon as I woke up from my wounds I provided them with valuable intel. Not a positive word about anything.

In fact I was evidently demoted to Mechwarrior without due process, or without talking to me, which of course just made Antares believe even more he was right.

I do admit I threatened to beat him after the accusations of being a traitor and my explanation of what happened. I still mean it. However, that is different then the rest of the accusations and I am fine with spending time in lockdown and to be charged with that. I won’t ever let a person tell me I am a traitor and to treat me like that, but in turn I will accept whatever punishment that brings me.

As for the other charges, I am still unsure why there is even an idea I would do something. Here are the facts as they actually stand:

  • I left the base legitimately, it was the Saturday of the weekend with no danger of missing the prep needed Sunday for the fight.
  • I had no active duties until the following night when we would fight for Hellana. I was dressed as a civilian, as we were told we could. I wanted to make sure nothing I did reflected badly on the unit, and that the unit’s enemies couldn’t trace me easily.
  • I checked out through the security chief on duty, told them where I was going, and I never veered from what should have been a normal Saturday off.
  • When I awoken from my injuries, I reported the incident, turned over the map I had gained and awaited for debriefing.

Next thing I know after I wake up I am accused of dereliction of duty, it couldn’t be that because it was weekend leave which we were specifically told by Force Commander Gibson and Olivia we could take at any time. I had no duties as technician, mechwarrior or recruiter. In fact after the debrief the night before we were told the weekend was ours, just be ready for Sunday night’s fight.

I never betrayed secrets of our unit, the only information I divulged was information that was approved by our intelligence analyst Olivia. I never received a phone call that Antares is screaming about, and I have never been anything but loyal to the unit. So much so I used my personal contact with certain subjects to gain information for the unit.

After this “incident” Antares returned to his duties with Dawn Marie and I spent the next few days recovering in sick bay. I then spoke with Hellena about her research and discovered locations of where she gained the material to make endo-steel. She also shared with me the formula and decided Kalidasa may be a good home for her and her family.

Maybe I will follow her into the civilian world. I have a PhD in mech engineering, I am a fully trained mechwarrior with the technical skills to back it up. Even if I wasn’t able to gain a job in the industry, I could probably get either transferred to a new unit, or find somewhere else to call home.

I haven’t decided fully yet, but loyalty is everything to me, and that includes showing it back. I can’t take idly the accusations of being a traitor, placed under arrest and treated as such and maintain my ability to give 100% to the mission and to that person.

The one thing I learned, my friends in criminal organizations show more loyalty to me by rescuing me and not accusing me then my commanders.



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A middle aged gamer, photographer, accountant and social justice warrior.
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