AAR: Slow the Cats


Battle Name: Slow the Cats
Mission Purpose: Slow down a heavy lance.
Date: 2/11/3020 (7/15/2017)
Time Elapsed on Contact: 60 seconds

Location: Amity II (60.321 | 5.092)
Opposing Force: Sabre-Tooths of Skye
Duration of Engagement: 60 seconds
Terrain: Hilly forested area with some granite rock outcroppings along with some ice.
Results: Total Victory, denied enemies movement and took two mechs salvage with only moderate damage to one mech and light damage to others.
Salvage – Stalker STK-3F, and Trebuchet TBT-5N
Losses – Damaged Centurion, one internal structure on leg left, returned base w/Lt. Yves.

Friendly Forces Order of Battle Opposing Forces Order of Battle
Centurion  CN9-A: (Lt. Antares Yves)
Catapult CPLT-C1: (Henry Carlson)
Trebuchet TBT-5S: (Simone Le Claire)
Woverine WVR-6M: (Shaan Solberg)
Cyclops CP-10Z (veteran pilot)
Stalker STK-3F (veteran pilot)
Trebuchet TBT-5N (veteran pilot)
Dervish DV-6M (veteran pilot)

Situation Report: We arrived in the small pass outside of the Capital City of Stryker, there we met with the Third Lance of the Sabre-Tooths of Skye. They were attempting to make their way to the Second and First Sabre-Tooths. Our job was to slow them down.

We arrived to find the OpFor already coming. Combat Time 00:00

They arrived heading south, their mechs had seen some moderate damage across their torsos and legs. We were hoping we could slow them down enough to impact their effectiveness against the 31st Marik Militia.

Turn 1:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (11) / Opposing Forces (8)
Our initial setup was to place our shorter ranged forces in hiding, such as Simone’s Trebuchet -5S, with a max range of 270 we didn’t want her to be caught out in the open. This resulted in an exchange that was purely between Henry in the Catapult, and the Stalker at the longest ranges of about 630.

Henry’s Catapult raked the Stalker across his left leg, torso and arm with one of the LRM shots, while I missed with my large laser from my secured firing position.

Light Exchange of Fire. Combat Time 00:10

Turn 2:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (8) / Opposing Forces (2)
After seizing the initiative, we utilized our speed to obtain closer firing positions on the Sabre-Tooths as they approached. I piloted my Wolverine to support Simone, who was holding her position. Once again her weapons were not within range of the closest enemy mechs, so she held herself in place.

Meanwhile, as I moved in with my lance mates, Lt. Yves maneuvered his Centurion into my old firing position for more safety, making himself impossible to hit by most of the enemy, but also leaving us with one less mech in position. Only Henry in the Catapult was able to fire and neither launcher connected. Meanwhile we received no damage as well.

It was at this time that a Comstar facility that was unregistered announced that it would fire on anyone who approached it. We have not confirmed if in fact that is the case at this time.

Catapult and Stalker again Combat Time 00:20

Turn 3:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (4) / Opposing Forces (3)
The engagement had become very heated at this time. Command decisions were sporadic from both sides, with Lt. Yves barely beating out the OpFor commander. The enemy Dervish had crested a hill and both myself in the Wolverine and Simone in the Trebuchet utilized our chance to approach it. I came closer and Simone even more so by entering waist deep water, allowing us to dispense our weapon strike fully.

Meanwhile Henry approached a firing position, utilizing a rock outcropping and partial cover to protect him while he also focused on the Dervish. Finally the Lt. stayed in his spot, taking pot shots at Dervish.

Both myself and Simone miss our full volleys, even at this close of range, the Dervish is 210 away and with our movement made it very hard to hit. Henry however connected with one missile pack, taking armor off the right and center torso of the Dervish. The Stalker had moved up into some woods and fired at the Lt, missing completely. The Lt. returned fire and did get some light damage from his LRM’s that connected.

Still undecided… Combat Time 00:30

Turn 4:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (11) / Opposing Forces (8)
We utilized our initiative and pushed harder. Both myself and Simone waded into the water further, utilizing the partial cover at the surface to obscure the view of the Stalker that had walked into sight a moment before. The Dervish decided to pursue and ran to the surface, ready to kick Simone if it had the chance.

Meanwhile Henry pulled the Catapult back, as most of the enemy mechs were under the minimum range requirement of his missiles. Lt. Yves took the place of Henry, training his weapon down on the Stalker who had walked almost up to Henry’s old position.

Antares fired on the Dervish, and missed completely, while Henry followed up with two salvos of LRMs on the same Dervish. With tremendous accuracy, Henry was able to blow off both of the Dervish’s arms.

The Trebuchet fired at me, with a hit with one medium laser, while the Dervish shot me with a single SRM 2 rocket. I returned the fire on the Dervish along with Simone and we damaged its torso severely. The Cyclops had crested and fired its LRM, missing Simone only because her legs were under water.

Exchange with Dervish, Combat Time 00:40

Turn 5:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (2) / Opposing Forces (10)
This is where things fell apart for a short while. Lt. Yves froze for a moment. We do not know why, or what happened, but he didn’t move. What did happen was the OpFor gained the advantage. In response to their push, Henry moved further back, Simone took her Trebuchet -5S and pulled back as well. During this time the Trebuchet, Stalker and Cyclops and approached Lt. Yves. The Stalker itself walked up in front of Lt. Yves and prepared to kick him in the head.

Unfortunately my Wolverine only has a moderate amount of weapons, so I did all I could think of, I attempted a Death-From-Above manuever, utilizing my jump jets to land on the upper portion of the Stalker. My attempt was to get the attention of all of the OpFors so it would allow Yves to make a run for it. My mech is faster, slightly more armored and could take the beating for a short while longer.

Lt. Yves regained his composure and unloaded his entire weapon load into the Stalker, Henry unloaded the Catapult, but only partially hit the Stalker. The OpFor mechs focused on me, and I was prepared to be damaged severely, but Antares needed assistance.

I was fortunate, most of the OpFor missed me completely with only a few minor weapons that lightly damaged me. Once they missed I landed squarely on the already ripped up left torso, knocking the 85 ton beast down, off of the cliff and it landed on its head.

My mech hit the ground hard and I wasn’t able to stay standing, but I was still in good shape and I told Lt. Yves to keep moving.

—- No Combat Footage, lost to impact —-

Minute 6:  Initiative – Friendly Forces (10) / Opposing Forces (7)
The surprise of my death from above attack caught the OpFors off guard and we were able to utilize the initiative and move. The Stalker got up but couldn’t move, the Cyclops moved closer, while the Dervish continued to retreat. 

Lt. Yves didn’t move, instead he took a firing position behind the Stalker and unloaded his weapons. We were pulling back, but it did force our hand and we all attacked the Stalker, and it fell, knocking the pilot out.

Meanwhile Simone engaged the other Trebuchet with a kick, damaging its left leg. When it fell, it snapped the rest of the left leg, leaving it with only a single leg. However the counter fire on Lt. Yves left it with about 5% internal structure in its left leg.

Prior to Stalker fall, Combat Time 00:53

I took advantage of the situation, the Stalker was unconscious, the Dervish was already retreated without its arms and the Trebuchet was missing a leg. This left the Cyclops as the only fully functional mech. However, it is a 90 ton mech with a 200mm Auto Cannon. It could take any one or two of our mechs and we were already damaged.

I asked that we offer surrender terms. Antares and I talked for awhile and eventually we gave the Sabre-Tooths the choice to walk away, which would only be the Dervish and Cyclops, in return we would capture the Trebuchet and Stalker and their pilots.

The battle was over in 60 seconds of fighting, and about another 3 minutes of  negotation. We had not only slowed, but we stopped the Sabre-Tooths, defeated them, claimed 140 tons in salvage and several damaged the other mechs in the lance.

Lt. Yves then took his Centurion back for repairs and I was continuing forward with Simone and Henry to render more assistance for the Marik Militia.



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