Amity II (planet)

AMITY II (Planet)

map of local space

House: Free Worlds League/House Marik
Noble Ruler: First Minister Raymond Richards (Political Leader)
Star Type: M2V
Position in System: 2
Time to Jump Point: 2.84 days
Number of Moons: None
Surface gravity: 1.1
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 34° C (Temperate)
Surface Water: 63 percent
Recharging Station: Nadir – Helios, an Apollo Class Space Station
HPG Class Type: A
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Population: 2,324,000
Major Corporations: None
Other Locations of Note on Planet:

Early History

Amity joined the Free Worlds League in 2335. For most of the first 450 years it was a peaceful world that had a great deal of industrial capacity. In fact the variety of produced goods ranged from the Galleon light tank to recording studio equipment and musical instruments.

Although Amity joined the Free Worlds League in 2335, by 2416 it was considered to be a semi-independent world with Lyran leanings; as such, it was one of the worlds conquered by Captain-General Peter Marik between the Lyran attack on Dieudonne and the armistice in 2418. The Commonwealth targeted Amity when they launched a new offensive against the Free Worlds League in 2420; the imposition of the War Powers Act by the League Parliament led to Peter Marik rejecting calls to return to service as Captain-General, and Parliament chose one of Peter’s officers, General Joseph Stewart as Captain-General instead. Stewart was a capable officer but lacked the grasp of strategy needed for interstellar war, allowing the Lyrans to score several successes including the capture of Amity.

Succession Wars

After the start of the Succession Wars Amity’s fortunes changed. By 3025 the world had been raided no less than 23 times and actually been captured by the Lyran Commonwealth twice. These successive raids and occupation by a foreign power destroyed most of the industrial capability of the planet. This in turn led to a planet-wide economic recession. Fortunately for Amity, in 2863 Captain-General Phillipa Marik sent a team of engineers and scientists to Amity to help the population rebuild the industrial capability. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in the quality of life of the average Amity citizen.

Amity was one of the worlds to sign the Concord of Danais in 2966 joining the Silver Hawks (a coalition of independent worlds in the Free Worlds League).

Amity is also noteworthy as the home of Sir Charles Smith, a member of Parliament who called for peace between the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth. He wrote a book, The Amity Initiative, that found widespread circulation in the Commonwealth and Federated Suns. He also led the negotiations that resulted in a peace treaty between Amity and the Lyran world Rahne.

At some point between 3007 and 3017 was the site of a series of battles between Lyran and Free Worlds League forces; the mercenary unit known as Snord’s Irregulars were active during the battles, assigned to perform a holding action to allow other units to escape. Although severla units did escape the operation against the Free Worlds League forces was considered a failure – the only notable failure in the early history of the Irregulars – but the Irregulars did manage to recover the lost Jewel of Sumatra, something that was considered to be a personal victory.


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