AAR: Move on Norhaven


Battle Name: Move on Norhaven
Mission Purpose: Meet up with Quincy and aid in repelling Lyran infantry.
Date: 2/19/3020 (7/29/2017)
Time Elapsed on Contact: 1 minute 10 seconds

Location: Amity II (60.321 | 6.031)
Opposing Force: Lyran Infantry and Kabal Recon Lance
Terrain: Small village surrounded by trees
Results: Moderate victory, obtained contact with Paladin with only moderate damage. Prevented supplies from being retrieved by Lyrans.
Salvage – 1 x Maxim Hovertank
Losses – Nothing permanent

Friendly Forces Order of Battle Opposing Forces Order of Battle
Paladin: (Sgt Major Quincy)
Catapult CPLT-C1: (Henry Carlson)
Trebuchet TBT-5S: (Simone Le Claire)
Woverine WVR-6M: (Shaan Solberg)
2 x Maxim Hovercraft
2+ Platoons Laser Infantry
Jenner JR-7F (veteran pilot)
Phoenix Hawk PH-1K (veteran pilot)
Spider SDR-5V (veteran pilot)
Commando COM-2D (veteran pilot)

Situation Report: We arrived outside of Norhaven, there we made contact with Sgt Major Quincy in her Paladin. Once we made contact with her, I released my camera drone for combat footage.

Paladin sighted – Combat Time 00:14

Our arrival was fortuitous, were were able to start operations to intercept the infantry and hover tanks. We continued our move towards the city, while Sgt. Major Quincy moved out of her cover.

I proceeded to take the next twenty seconds or so and continue jumping forward, using my jump jets to access the higher spots. During this time the Paladin engaged the hover tanks, while the rest of the lance moved up.

I could hear the exchange of mech and tank fire ahead of me, however the hills and trees prevented any line of sight on the enemy.  However at the 40 second mark I had cleared the trees and came upon the supply trucks that were running away with scavenged items.

Engaging supply trucks – Combat Time 00:42

I determined that those supply trucks were our primary target and we focused on them, leaving them burning hulks within ten seconds. We then moved on to pursue the Maxim Hovertanks.

During this time Henry was engaging with LRM’s at the Maxims and taking a rear guard. His missiles needed to be at range to be more effective, and he would be able to watch our rear quadrant that way. Meanwhile the rest of us pursued the Maxims and destroyed one of the two.

Cornering one Maxim – Combat Time 00:52

As we turned to chase after the single escaping Maxim, I discovered that a recon lance belonging to the Kabal had worked its way in behind us. They consisted of the Jenner, Spider, Phoenix Hawk and Commando.

Henry’s mech was in danger. He was behind the rest of us, with mostly long range weapons. He was outgunned and outmanuevered for short range, so I kicked my Wolvie into full throttle and moved into the Jenner and Phoenix Hawk to cause a distraction.

I was determined to keep the Kabal on me and allow Henry to pull back – Combat time 01:03

It worked, the Jenner and Commando focused on me and I exchanged heavy fire with the Jenner, severely damaging his armor. In turn the Jenner and Commando riddled my Wolverine seriously degrading armor, but no internal damage.

Pursuit of the Jenner kept Kabal off balance – Combat Time 01:17

I then pursued the Jenner, determined to keep the Recon lance off of Henry so he could pull back, the Spider and Phoenix Hawk were already moving away. I had lost my large laser in the exchange but felt I was still more than a match for the Jenner. It was at this point I think both sides decided to disengage. We kept the field while the Kabal retreated.

Overall we had a moderate victory.


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