Ch 9: Tree of Liberty

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  – Thomas Jefferson

Location: Amity II
Date:          February 19, 3020
After Action Reports: Move on Norhaven

This report will have to be quick since I only have about ten minutes to drink my coffee and eat the rations we are carrying in mech.

We landed on Amity four days ago. The Kabal along with some Lyrans, Sabre-Tooths and some other mercenary companies I haven’t met yet. They invaded and were in process of landing when we arrived in system.

Amity II from High Orbit

They have secured the power plant and are pushing the local Marik and mercenary defense forces back. We landed at the civilian starport and secured our situation there. Meanwhile Force Commander Gibson and the Atrean Dragoons have secured some areas south of us.

We engaged with a lance of Sabre-Tooths, a gladiator/merc unit from Solaris and we did particularly well. The result was a lot of salvage mechs for us, and with Antares having to pull back with his centurion.

During the battle the phone that Heidi gave me rang. At first I thought it was her, but it turns out it is tuned into the Comstar frequencies and they were communicating back and forth details to their “agents”. I muted it so I didn’t reveal I was listening, but I sat and listened while our Astechs arrived.

We took the mechs back, secured them, including an 85 ton Stalker, and took a break, got some food, some rest and we are heading back out. I wasn’t able to meet with Olivia before we were sent out to show her the device. I will probably do that when we get back.

Our job now is to push out, to take our lance and meet up with a Sgt Major Quincy from the FWL Protectorate Guards nicknamed the “Iron Guards” and her mech, the “Paladin”. Some new mech design with a sword. We will arrive there in about 45 minutes. Evidently Kabal forces are scavenging the site, while Comstar keeps referring to an “archive”. We will need to check this out later.

Symbol of the “Iron Guards”

Sgt Major Quincy’s “Paladin”

Thats it for now, I have to hit the head and then strap back in. Talk soon.


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