About Me – Shaan Solberg

SHAAN SOLBERG – My first character in the Song of Kali Campaign

Disclaimer: Everything written in these journals is my opinion and from my viewpoint. Only the future will vindicate me or prove me wrong with these assumptions.

My name is Shaan Solberg and I was born to a Free World’s League family loyal to House Marik. My father was Thomas Solberg, a Commander in charge of a company of battlemechs called the “Ever Faithful” and part of the 2nd Free Worlds League Guards. My mother is Priya Bakshi-Solberg, who raised me from that point on.

I grew up thinking of my father as a hero until he perished on Kalidasa in 2997 in a Steiner Raid. My mother at that point asked me to please not be a mechwarrior, to focus on school. I did that, I promised her and from that point forward my goal was to be a battlemech engineer, specializing in pilot lifesaving technology (such as ejection systems, ammo explosion protection systems, etc).

At the age of 20 I graduated my University program and became part of Delta Academy in Steiner space. It was an experimental program utilizing scientists from all over the inner sphere. I then met my wife, Heidi Wilhelm and married her, conceiving a beautiful daughter named Luna.

Years passed and my life got great. I worked for Defiance Industries working on cutting edge Battlemech technology. However, life was not good with the Steiner/Marik relations. I saw things that endangered my people and after some time I couldn’t say no to the Marik request and six months later I was in prison for espionage, divorced and serving a 50 year sentence.

I was released almost seven years later in a prisoner exchange. I cashed in some of my favors my dad had owed to him and went to the mechwarrior academy. I have now been recruited unexpectedly by a black ops team and am doing some very advanced work.

This writing is about my story from this point on. I will probably write about what happened to me in the past, but this is definitely to record for posterity what I am doing now.