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A choice to be made

I stand at a crossroads right now. To me loyalty to my comrades and the trust it represents is important. However, it isn’t just my loyalty to someone else, I expect the same in return. I would die for anyone … Continue reading

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PL: Defiance and Verloren

Chapter: CH5: Goblins and Gremlins Related Logs:¬†None After what happened last night at the Goblin Market, I thought I should talk a little about my history with Delta Academy and Prison. I was incredibly fortunate, after 2 years of graduate … Continue reading

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PL: Chance meeting

Chapter: CH 3: Chasing Fireflies Related Logs:¬†Identities When I was working on the intel that Olivia gave me I got thinking about Heidi. About the day after we first met, and probably it was truly the first time we met. … Continue reading

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