Other People

This is a list of people I have met in my travels that aren’t part of the Song of Kali.

countesshepburn-marikCountess Bellatrix Hepburn-Marik, ruler of Kalidasa along with her granddaughter Hestor. Even with her age she is a wonderful dancer. She was very thankful for my father’s sacrifice. She is the reason my family is loyal to Marik (or at least she is an example of it).

Ekaterina “Kris” Romanov (Socialite), Kris is an incredibly polite, graceful and classy lady. She and I met on the drop ship when I first arrived on Kalidasa. She is evidently going to teach us political skills.

Hellana Taylor, a Capellan Confederation student who worked with me in the Delta Academy. She is smart, very good with metallurgy, and a pretty great person overall. She has some of the best technician skills, and I did have a crush on her in school.

Heidi Wilhelm-Solberg/Madeline Weismond, the person I loved more than anyone but my daughter. My ex-wife who disappeared, changed her identity but still sees my daughter. I suspect she is SAFE or another House’s Operative. I am still unsure how to approach this.