Ch 4: Let the Games Begin

Location: Solaris VII
Date:          December 27, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  Still coming…

The mission started with us prepping to go to Solaris VII. We were given a large amount of supplies we could trade on Solaris along with a sizable fund of cash.

As we were leaving Angel brought up an idea he had been working on. Reconverting a Javelin light mech into an ammo carrier/loader. It wouldn’t be able to be done during a battle of course, but out in the field it would be fantastic.

I looked over his design and found a few flaws, not that he didn’t have a great idea, rather he just doesn’t have the experience I do. We then approached Lt. Commander Barnes and asked her if we could take one of the drop ship bays on the drop ship and use it to refit the Javelin. She said yes, so its loaded up.

We arrived on planet and began to interview the different stables for our outward “recruiting”. The overall idea is to make contacts and find what we can on the Kabal. During our time we met with Steven and Evelyn, the owners of the “Eagle Eyes” St. Croix stables. During our time there we found that Evelyn was about to duel the Steiner stable the “Sabretooths”.  Her Orion’s engine was leaking badly and didn’t look like it would hold.

“The Eagle Eyes” St. Croix Stable

Lt. Yves and I got in an argument over giving the engine to them. I believe since we have three engines of that size specifically that it would be to our benefit to give the engine to them. This would give us contacts who are already loyal to the FWL, even more reason to help us learn the ropes of the world here. Antares believed we should charge them. After some debate we decided to sell them the engine at zero interest over the course of three years.

Evelyn was ecstatic about it and Steven agreed almost immediately. This means they don’t have to deal with Defiance industries. It was at this point that Antares dropped the ball. He entered into negotiations with Steven and for some reason they now only will pay half price for the engine. Which I am not at all bothered by, actually I am happy to see them paying less. However, the debate we got into and he then does that shows me I don’t know if I can trust his negotiating.

Meanwhile while we were at the stables I came across a man I vaguely recognize from Defiance Industries. He was the one dealing with Steven before we got there. He recognized me as well and is probably why Bandu Raddakhan showed up.

Ah yes, an old nemesis from prison Bandu Raddakhan

As we walked out Bandu showed up. The person who gave me the scar and my hearing loss on the left side of my head. He came forward with three men, he was wanting to fight, his partners had hands in their pockets and I thought we were in trouble. Simone was standing beside me and because this wasn’t something she should get hurt because of me I moved her behind me.

I stepped up to Bandu and the verbal threats started. His men and him began to move forward when from behind me Simone had pulled out two pistols and pointed them at him  from behind me. They rested under my arms and around my waste. that stopped them. More words were exchanged and he wanted to meet to fight. I told him it was ridiculous, but if he wanted to meet in a mech I might be able to do that. More words were said and Bondu left.

Antares didn’t even notice until the end. Then he freaked out and hired high end security to follow us around. The sad thing is I don’t think he realizes that the security won’t protect us if they really wanted to do something. It is ok though, it makes Antares feel better and I am ok with that.

We had determined during this time that Zhang Fei stables was falling apart. There was a duel between Steiner and the Zhang Fei stables. In the competition Hellana’s husband died accidentally resulting in the stables being taken over by creditors.

We then went to the games that night to watch the duels between Evelyn and the Sabretooths, along with the Zhang Fei fight. I was hoping to catch Hellana and surprisingly I was able to. They have her daughter hostage and she needs help. I believe she may help us if we help her get her child back. I am hoping Olivia and FC Gibson will go with my idea on how to approach this. I think there is only one way to do this and gain her trust, that will be what helps us find The Kabal.

Right now Hellene is the only person outside the team I can trust.

Meanwhile the results of the duel with Evelyn was her getting headshot twice, once with a Battlemaster fist removing all the armor and then a medium laser. At this time we don’t know her status, but I do know she was doing better than expected, but no one is able to handle a headshot easily.

Oh, and while Antares was worried about wasting money in the form of an engine to Evelyn and Steven, he had no problems gambling autocannons on the fight.


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PL: Identities

Chapter: CH 3: Chasing Fireflies
Related Logs: Chance Meeting


Always the eyes

I was very surprised when I got the information from Olivia about Heidi and her new identity. The dark hair and clothing is not what I remember from my ex-wife, although I almost missed the connection except when I looked at the eyes.

Her eyes have always been the most intensive part of her, and she has a lot of intensive parts. The dark was new, the type of makeup, but Olivia is right, I still recognize her.

Fast forward to last night, after the ball was wrapping up, Ekaterina was kind enough to lend me her car for the night. It isn’t often that a person gets to go spend time with his daughter with access to a limousine.

We pulled up to the apartment and saw my daughter across the street at her favorite ice cream shop. She was with another adult, which did cause me some concern since it was late evening and that person wasn’t her aunt or grandmother.

Luna came over and was super excited about the limousine and asked if we could go up and see the HPG Generator from the cliffside. How could I resist the most important thing in my life?

On our way up, we drove past the person, I didn’t fully recognize them, but there was a close similarity to the pictures Olivia showed me. It had to be Heidi, and that left me confused. However, if it was Heidi and she didn’t want me to know it, at least she still was near Luna.

We stayed overlooking the HPG Generator, watching the different colored pulses when I asked Luna who her friend was. She collapsed pretty fast and admitted it was “mom”. That her and mom had seen each other after a couple years of her mother being gone. Evidently her mother told her that she left to save the family.

Luna was terrified I would make her no longer able to see her mother. I can’t imagine making Luna upset like that. I may not know why her mother left, and why her mother doesn’t want me to know she is back, but she has been there for our daughter more than I have. I could never deny my daughter her mother.

I asked Luna if she wanted to ever travel with us, I am fairly sure I could push for it. She wants to stay near her grandmother, aunt and especially mother and I can’t blame her for that.

So I took her home, and we went to bed. My last visit with her before Solaris VII.

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PL: Chance meeting

Chapter: CH 3: Chasing Fireflies
Related Logs: Identities

When I was working on the intel that Olivia gave me I got thinking about Heidi. About the day after we first met, and probably it was truly the first time we met.

I woke up on Heidi’s couch, in an apartment I had never known. I could see from where I lay Hellana and a blonde woman talking. I managed to get to my feet, and walk over. There Hellana introduced me to Heidi, a very beautiful and very intelligent young lady.

consider my breath taken away.

I honestly don’t remember much from the night before except I had gotten lucky in a fight against two men who were harassing Hellana earlier. They didn’t like where she was from, and didn’t like when I sent them on their way in the bar. Evidently we got in a fight outside and I luckily stopped them, until I collapsed in front of our rescue Heidi and passed out.

After introductions and a quick shower I got lost and ended up in her room. She has a dark room, takes her own photos, studies astrophysics, learns languages and studies jump coordinates for jumpships. I came back to a wonderful German breakfast, with sausage, eggs, and all the rest of the German traditional breakfast. I think this is where I fell for her.

Hellana had taken leave to go shower and I talked with  Heidi, she takes classes from two schools and works three jobs including up at campus. She asked me all about the engineering courses I took and I told her I would bring some books by.

I definitely never even considered I was talking to my future wife, and mother of my daughter.

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Ch 3: Chasing Fireflies

Location: Kalidasa
Date:          December 1, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  Chance Meeting, Identities

Once the video of the fight on New Delos ended, Force Commander Gibson and Olivia went over some of the details:

  • The attack occurred about six months ago (May 3019).
  • Countermeasures larger than mech sized versions assisted raiders in jamming Atrean Dragoons communications.
  • Some Japanese was intercepted. At first it was considered maybe a Draconis strike but later they determined it unlikely.
  • The technology and prisoner has been delivered to SAFE.
  • The raiders disappeared and are believed to be off planet using merchant drop ships. This means they somehow snuck their mechs out.
  • The captured pilot named his new mech a “Hatchetman”. He is a mercenary who used to work for McCarron’s Armored Cavalry in Capellan Space.  He was hired to test pilot the mech, and he was supposed to silence anyone who saw them.
  • After MAC but before being with the raiders, the pilot worked out of Solaris VII.
  • The 2nd Atrean Dragoons captured an experimental Rifleman who had AC/5 Rapid Firing cannons. Evidently there was some sort of engine issue they couldn’t take it with them.
  • Rifleman is located at the starport. Gibson is trying to get us access to it.

Our mission will be to find the Raiders, take them down and take their technology. To assist us with this we have a dropship, and a priority access to a jumpship. Our first location we will go to is to Solars VII.

It was at this time we were given an invitation each to the Winter Ball, put on by Ekaterina and Junior MP Roland Hawthorne II, who used to be a Mechwarrior Captain with the callsign “Inquisitor”.

Before we went to the Ball, Olivia visited me in my quarters and gave me some information from the Delta days. The files are very in-depth and brought back a lot of memories. The biggest set of files that caught my attention were Hellana. Evidently they have been following her around and found a lot of information (not only about her).

  • Hellana has bounced around the IS after the closing of Delta Academy. It doesn’t look like she found anywhere to settle fully.
  • She has one child, approximately 8 years old. Marital status is unknown (she isn’t with that person now they believe).
  • She goes by Ailana Singh now and works in a stable on Solaris VII as a tech.
  • The Jumpship captain Rene Gaspar Chirac was in contact with her until the civil war.
  • I noted in a level 9 file that evidently with the breakdown of Delta Academy, Anton bragged on having access to scientists and technology.
  • There were files on some of the other students, they all seem to be working together, or at least their projects are being intertwined.
  • I found out that they have pictures of Heidi that are fairly recent, she was going by Madeline Weismond, with dark hair and a change in clothing. No other details were given though.

Olivia had me go up into the brain trust. Several people working around an advanced computing system. We went over the details and she increased my security level tentatively for future access. I will go to her though and not here directly if I have info.

Later that night we arrived at the Ball. Immediately Antares was whisked of by his date Blackheart and then several other ladies. Meanwhile Simone and Henry abandoned me to the delicate Ekaterina, who asked for me to escort her.

I spent most of the dance with Ekaterina, she danced with me some and seemed amused and happy that I let her lead. I then followed her around the rest of the ball, mostly holding her items since she was the hostess as she dealt with the party. She was always kind.

While I was escorting Ekaterina, I was taken over to the table with Countess Hepburn-Marik. She asked if my father was Thomas Solberg and when she found out she was overjoyed to meet me. I have never talked to royalty before and she was both polite,  kind and gracious.

We danced for song, which she handled ably. She asked me a lot of questions about myself and about my father. When she was finished, her beautiful granddaughter came over and danced with me as well.

It turns out that her granddaughter was one of the “civilians” that my father died saving. She is approximately my age, beautiful and very grateful to him. She gave me her number that I can reach her people should I ever need anything.

The night wrapped up with Ekaterina giving me her car for the night so I can go home and see Luna. It is also at this point we realized that Simone has cybernetic eyes that can take photographs. I am very intrigued. Antares seemed horrified, but I suspect he will get rid of some of that stick in his butt eventually. Not everyone can be rich nobles. Even so, Antares is a good man that I hope considers me a friend. I would gladly fight him.

As I left that night, FC Gibson said something to me. He mentioned that Countess Hepburn-Marik is who pushed Gibson to take me in, even with my record. Without her I wouldn’t be able to help support my daughter. I don’t think how much she knows I am loyal to her and to the FWL for that kind of support.

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Ch 2: Civil War

Location: Kalidasa
Date: November 27th, 3010
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  None

The morning after the simulation we spent hanging out in FC Gibson’s estate. It is a beautiful place and we were hungry. He can definitely cook up a great breakfast. Before breakfast I noticed that Hellena Taylor’s profile was on Olivia’s computer. I don’t know where Hellena has been the last decade, but she was sweet and very good at metallurgic studies/design. I hope seeing her on the computer means we get to work with her. It would be nice to see an old friend.

While we were there we met both Blackheart and X-Ray along with the other two pilots from the 2nd Atrean Dragoons. There was a bit of an argument. when Blackheart realized that her commander had put her mech on the line. After a lot of discussion we seemed to have settled in that Gibson would look into a double or nothing fight.

While we were there I got to look a little bit at the Executioner. It is a gorgeous mech and while I don’t know if its worth the trade off to hide the heat, I can say I am jealous of it, at least of the technology it represents.

Just as we were preparing to head home though we got an emergency briefing. It was across Marik space and a scout unit that Blackheart’s father commanded engaged some Periphery Bandits.

The resulting fight revealed a new type of mech that had a hatchet. It appeared to be a 45 ton mech and it was using an ejection system similar to the one I was working on for Defiance. I wonder if they got it to work. In addition we witnessed an AC 5 that could fire incendiary rounds and seems to fire faster than normal.

The result was a rescued head assembly of this new mech type and a captured pilot. I have to say Blackheart’s father did very well.

While I stayed over at FC Gibson’s place I couldn’t help remembering how I met my wife and my time at Delta. I don’t know if I miss her or not, I still haven’t really thought much about her disappearance. I truly hope though that she is happy.

We are still waiting on what we are doing after that briefing. The assumption is we will be sent after that Periphery/Bandit group, but it is a lot of travel so I am withholding personal judgment.

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Ch 1: Orientation

Location: Kalidasa
Date:          November 12, 3019
After Action Reports: None
Personal Logs:  None

When I graduated from the mechwarrior academy, I never imagined receiving a mech assignment, especially with my time served for espionage. I was hoping just to get in and be able to pilot mechs for maintenance.

The drop ship we came in on from the jump ship was much higher class then I would normally be used to. The final day I met a beautiful, intelligent and classy woman named Katarina Romanov (at the time someone else called her ezma). She is evidently a high lady and will be teaching us politics. She is far above my station, but it was nice to be able to escort her to the observation deck to watch our arrival to Kalidasa.

While in the deck I met Mechwarrior Lt. Antares Yves. He seems like a nice kid. He comes from a powerful political family (Taran S. Yves, MP), his father is in the ruling house. Obviously he comes from money and influence. Antares seemed very at ease with the elite class. I got asked who I was and they seemed to find it funny/amusing. Not in a bad way, but in an obvious “he doesn’t belong here” way.

We met the rest of our unit on planet. Right now there are only four of us in the actual mechs fighting.  The other three people are:

  • Lt. Antares Yves, Described above, young, intelligent, socially awkward.
  • Lt. Simone Le Clair, tactics expert, mech gunnery and naturally speaking French.
  • Sgt. Henry Evan Carlson, hand to hand expert, very friendly.

I then met the command staff for the Song of Kali (our unit designation)

  • Force Commander Christopher Gibson, older gentleman, hard but fair and pilots an Executioner. He has been doing the black ops for awhile.
  • Lt. Commander Patricia Barnes, also pilots a mech (not sure what). Tough, but straight shooter.
  • Olivia Falkner, the intelligence analyst, I suspect she can pilot a mech if needed, but that isn’t her primary skill. I met her the night I graduated, definitely someone who is more able then she appears.
  • Sgt. Carl Gustov, a bear of a man who leads his infantry. He is the one that tandem jumped with me during our simulation. Very friendly, appreciate him and his men.

We were assigned jobs officially as recruiters, unofficially we are conducting operations that can’t be officially recognized or funded. We do get some beautiful offices in the building. I even have an administrative assistant named V-J.

Too bad I don’t really use it.

We spent the next several days acclimating when finally we were given our first mission. This was a simulation using real mechs, but the weapons were set for simulation mode. The only real damage was any physical attacks.

The mission was relatively simple. There are ten mechs set on standby in the area. We would be dropped in by parachute drop to secure the mechs. It was our four pilots versus 4 pilots from the 2nd Atrean Dragoons. It was some sort of bet between our commander and theirs, with the mechs on the line.

We landed and secured our mechs. They secured their mechs. I would normally include an after action report but since it was a simulation I don’t think it really shows everything. What I can say is that Henry can rock a Commando and was the single handed reason we won. Which by the way meant we inherited those mechs. Our current unit load out is:

Commander: Force Commander Gibson – Executioner

Command Lance

  • Orion – Lt. Commander Barnes
  • Catapult –
  • Centurion – Lt. Antares Yves
  • Commando –

Fire Lance

  • Cyclops – Henry ?
  • Rifleman (2 x AC 10) – “X-Ray”
  • Griffin – “Blackheart”
  • Wasp –

    Fire Lance

  • Grasshopper –
  • Crusader  –  Simon Le Claire
  • Wolverine – Me?
  • Phoenix Hawk –

This is not the final setup, rather just how it is now. I suspect we will move the heavier, slower mechs together. No point in having a Wolverine and a Hawk when the rest of the lance can’t go that fast.

So far these all seem like good people. I have set up my affairs so if something happens my daughter Luna will be set for life. If that is the result, then it is all right with me.

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Quickscell, Inc (corporation)

Quickscell, Inc (Quik)


Quickscell FWL Logo

Main Plant Locations: Port Royal (Kalidasa), Gordon (Oliver), Richvale (LA), Ares (CC), Layover (FS)
CEO: Josef Kenworth, Sean Veranov (FWL)
Products (Kalidasa): Armored personnel carriers, Hetzer and Scorpion tanks
Products (Oliver): LRM Carrier, SRM Carrier and Scorpion tank


Never renowned as a quality manufacturer, the rush to exploit the export sales market led Quikscell to cut even more corners in order to maximize profits. The company’s infamous “cost over quality” dogma, even when cutting costs means using sub-standard materials—has given Quikscell its well-deserved “cheap and nasty” reputation.

Less well known is the company’s practice of dual-sourcing many key components, reserving higher-quality versions in products slated for domestic use. This keeps the FWLM and the federal government mollified and helps avoid unpleasant investigations, though export buyers pay the price of noticeably poorer maintenance and lesser performance. Despite its quality issues, a solid market exists for Quikscell’s products, particularly among planetary militias and other groups working within harsh budget constraints.

Manager of the company’s Free Worlds operations, Sean Veranov is a consummate diplomat and shrewd businessman, playing a key role in Quikscell’s contract negotiations while ensuring good corporate relations with the FWLM. Once one of the League’s most infamous playboys,


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