SOK Members

Below are members listed that are part of the Song of Kali organization. Until more details are known, all members will be listed here. As more details come to surface members may get their own entries.


Song of Kali Command Detachment:

FCGibsonForce Commander Gibson, leader of the Song of Kali and reason why I was selected. For whatever reason he felt I was a good fit. He pilots a Star League original Executioner. He tends to be ok with betting for mechs and he is a good cook (at least breakfast food).

ltco-patriciabarnesLt. Commander Patricia Barnes, not much is known by me about her yet. She does seem tough, ready to throw down if needed, but still has that calm of someone who is experienced. She also seems to be more flexible then I originally expected.

oliviafalknerOlivia Falkner, an intelligence analyst and the person who talked with me the day I graduated. She made it clear I was selected because I was willing to sacrifice for my House. Also tends to dress very fashion conscious and is able to move in heels easily. I suspect she could kick my ass in a fight.

Mechwarrior Contingent: At this time there has been no structure of the company + size unit. Lances have not been assigned, nor have mechs been permanently assigned as they will be used as needed. At the bottom of the writeup is a listing of our mech/org chart.

antaresyvesLt. Antares Yves, Antares comes from the political uppercrust of Marik. He is trained in leadership, infantry tactics and it turns out can do a close landing solo jump. Ladies like him, due to being young, intelligent, socially connected yet elusive. I like him.

simoneleclairLt. Simone Le Clair, I don’t know much about Simone except she is smart, great with tactics, missiles, and has to push guys off her all the time. Evidently I am a safe person to act like we may be together so other guys leave her alone. I am glad I can help.

blackheartLt. Natalia “Blackheart” Katherine Simonov, pilots a Griffin and is temporarily with us from the 2nd Atrean Dragoons trying to earn it back, having lost it in the betting. I am not sure if she is staying, but she seems traditional Russian in outlook.

x-rayLt. Alexander “X-Ray” Raddisson, a cheerful down to earth kind of guy. I  know very little about him except he was piloting the AC10 version Rifleman that we won, both X-Ray and Blackheart attended school with Antares, so they have political power too as well. He is here temporarily trying to earn back the mech.

ShaanSgt. Shaan Solberg, yep this is me (click for more info). I am a divorced with a daughter, middle aged ex-con who is trying to figure out how to support my daughter Luna along with any help my mother needs. Still no idea where my ex-wife is and I am pretty good working on a mech.

Sgt. Henry Evan Carlson, a very down to earth guy that doesn’t like to take credit for mech kills. He evidently also doesn’t mind doing dishes when he isn’t being a hand to hand expert. Oh and he rocks a Commando.


Force Commander: Force Commander Gibson – Executioner

  • Orion – Lt. Commander Barnes
  • Catapult –
  • Centurion – Lt. Antares Yves
  • Commando –
  • Cyclops – Henry ?
  • Rifleman (2 x AC 10) – “X-Ray”
  • Griffin – “Blackheart”
  • Wasp –
  • Grasshopper –
  • Crusader  –  Simon Le Claire
  • WVR-6M Wolverine – Me?
  • Phoenix Hawk –